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Mother's Day

They are known by many names Mum, Nan, Nanna, Gran, Granny ,Grandma,Ma, Nonna, Me-Maw, My Nan and many more, but whichever term of endearment you use for them Mother's Day is the day when we get to show our love & appreciation for the special women in our lives who have loved,nurtured & watched us grow into the individuals that we are today, who have taught us to walk & talk, who have taught us right from wrong,who have picked us up & dusted us off when we have stubble or fallen, who were always there cheering us on from the sidelines,who have always been there & will continue to be there to offer guidance & advice (even when not required).So today say THANK YOU MUM with beautiful flowers & gifts from your local Bendigo florist- Virginia Mary Florist- Bendigo

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