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Caring for your flowers!

At Virginia Mary Florist we send a care card out with every order we deliver or if you or someone else has popped into the shop to grab you some flowers then you would have found either attached to the flowers or in the envelope with your gift card a caring for flowers card.

If for some reason the care card has gone missing don't worry this blog post will tell you all you need to know to care for your bouquet or arrangement.

Firstly if you have been delivered a bunch or bouquet by us then it will have on the bottom of it what we call a aqua pack, this is a foam wrap that is specially treated to keep your flowers fresh during the transportation & for the rest of the day if you are not home to receive.

Once you receive you bunch or bouquet select a clean vase & filled to the desired level so that all stems will be in water. Then remove the aqua pack preferably over the sink just in case of spillage. Make sure to remove all leaves that will be under the waterline as they contain bacteria that may quickly multiply & spoil the water. Then trim all stems about 2 cm from the base diagonally. 

Every couple of days you will need to remove the flowers from your vase, clean the vase & refill with fresh clean water & recut the stems before placing back in the vase. This also applies if you have received flowers already arranged in a vase.                    


If you have received an arrangement in a box, ceramic container or basket you will need to check the water levels morning & night & top up with clean water daily ensuring not to over fill the container.


To ensure your flowers last longer position them away from draughts , direct heat, sunlight, direct cooling & heat generating appliances such as TVs & microwaves.

Also you must keep check of is that some flowers last longer than others so it is always best to remove any spent blooms to keep your flowers looking the best they can.

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