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Business as Usual for now

YES WE ARE OPEN ! During these uncertain times at Virginia Mary Florist we are doing all we can to protect ourselves,you our customers & the special people in your life that we deliver flowers & gifts to.At this stage we are still OPEN and trading as usual.The shop door is still open at the moment !If  we do need to close the door, we hope to still be able to continue to  deliver flowers & gifts to your friends, family & loved ones via phone & internet orders. We are now offering non contact deliveries if you would prefer this method of delivery then you will need to advise us of this & provide us with the correct contact details for the...

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Mother's Day

They are known by many names Mum, Nan, Nanna, Gran, Granny ,Grandma,Ma, Nonna, Me-Maw, My Nan and many more, but whichever term of endearment you use for them Mother's Day is the day when we get to show our love & appreciation for the special women in our lives who have loved,nurtured & watched us grow into the individuals that we are today, who have taught us to walk & talk, who have taught us right from wrong,who have picked us up & dusted us off when we have stubble or fallen, who were always there cheering us on from the sidelines,who have always been there & will continue to be there to offer guidance & advice (even when not...

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Valentine's Day!

  Valentine's Day February 14th! The day that is all about love & romance. Some celebrate this day with gusto while others choose not to celebrate it any way & that is your choice. At Virginia Mary Florist we do celebrate this day & we love it ,no not just because we are a florist & that one on the traditional gifts on Valentine's Day are red roses. We celebrate this day with gusto because over the years we have met many wonderful people that have let us share in the fun & love of their Valentine's Day. We have made some very special deliveries including a wedding proposal & she did say YES. It is a busy, very long...

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