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Valentine's Day!


Valentine's Day February 14th!

The day that is all about love & romance.

Some celebrate this day with gusto while others choose not to celebrate it any way & that is your choice.

At Virginia Mary Florist we do celebrate this day & we love it ,no not just because we are a florist & that one on the traditional gifts on Valentine's Day are red roses.

We celebrate this day with gusto because over the years we have met many wonderful people that have let us share in the fun & love of their Valentine's Day.

We have made some very special deliveries including a wedding proposal & she did say YES.

It is a busy, very long & tiring day for us but as you work away & see a regular customer walk in with a big smile on their face knowing that we have the perfect gift for them on a day that is special to them.

And that is why we celebrate Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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